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Portobello Hearts Supporters’ Club was established in 1978, the founder members having originally travelled to away matches on the Tollcross Hearts Supporters Club bus were aware of the potential for running a bus from the Portobello area through friends and acquaintances they had met on their travels.
A meeting was held in the St Johns Club Rooms in Portobello to gauge interest, when this was established, a constitution was drawn up and office bearers elected
The original committee of Billy Stirling, Brian Ramsey, Steuart McCondochie, Alex Howie, and Jimmy Howie, steered the club through its infancy and helped establish the club among the growing number of supporters clubs following HMFC.
Portobello Hearts members have travelled far and wide in their support of the famous Heart of Midlothian on numerous European adventures.
When originally formed Portobello Hearts’ membership was predominantly from the Portobello area. However nowadays they boast members from East & West Lothian, throughout Edinburgh & Fife aswell as the odd 1 or 2
from down south.
They are members of The Federation of Hearts Supporters’ Clubs and run buses to domestic away games with pick-up points in Prestonpans, Whitecraig, Musselburgh, Piershill, Abbeyhill and Haymarket.

Club Constitution

1 The Club shall be called Portobello Hearts Supporters Club

2 The Club shall be non-political, non-sectarian and non-racist.

3 a) The Club shall be governed by a General Committee consisting of the Chairman/woman, Vice-chairman/woman, Secretary, Treasurer and Bus convener.

b) The committee shall be elected annually

c) The committee shall have powers to appoint sub-committees as they think necessary. The Chairman/woman, Secretary and Treasurer being ex-officio members of all sub-committees.

d) The Committee shall co-opt additional members when they feel necessary.

4 The Club shall consist of a limited number of members, the limit to be fixed by the Committee as they feel necessary.

5 The Chairman/woman shall have the right to set a time limit on any debate. He/she shall have a casting vote on all business matters.

6 The Treasurer shall keep a record of all income and expenditure. All money must be paid to him/her for recording purposes. He/she shall submit proper accounts of income and expenditure at the end of each season, to be audited by 2 members appointed at a previous meeting.

7 The Secretary shall keep a clear record of all meetings, he/she shall also keep a register of all Club members as well as an attendance record on all buses.

8 The funds of the Club shall be deposited in the Bank of Scotland plc in the name of 3 trustees ie. Chairman/woman, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event of a Trustee leaving office another shall be immediately appointed.

9 a) Meetings shall be held when required at a venue decided by the committee.

b) An emergency meeting may be called by the committee at any time.

c) All committee decisions must be ratified at a business meeting.

d) The Chairman/woman shall have the power to exclude anyone from meetings should there behaviour be disorderly.

e) No member shall be entitled to remain or to vote at meetings unless his/her annual subscriptions have been paid for the current year.

10 a) A bus shall be run to all away league games unless insufficient support.

b) Bus times to be set at the AGM but can be altered at the committees discretion.

c) All stops on routes going to and returning from games are at the Bus Conveners (or Deputy) discretion.

d) The Bus Convener (or Deputy) shall be responsible for keeping order on the bus.

e) All buses to Hearts games outside Scotland must be paid by the members themselves.

f) No alcohol on bus.

11 Ticket distribution as follows:- Only Members shall be considered. Should there be need for further division, the number of appearances on buses shall be the determining factor.
* PHSC are not responsible for the allocation of loyalty points.

12 At the AGM the Secretary shall conduct a vote amongst the members to decide which player is to receive the 'Player of the Year' trophy. In the event of a tie the trophy shall be shared.

13 Any Member contravening the above rules, guilty of misconduct or of behaviour liable to harm the Club's image at meetings or on buses or at matches shall be summoned by letter to appear before the General Committee at the first subsequent meeting. Anyone failing to appear shall be suspended until they do so. A right of appeal is allowed to the General Committee provided a written statement of intention to appeal is sent to the Secretary within 7 days of the decision. A further right of appeal is allowed to the Executive within 7 days of dismissal of the first appeal.

14 Any alterations to existing rules must be made at the AGM. Members who wish to change the rules must submit their proposal to the Secretary 14 days prior to the meeting, and attend the meeting personally to explain the proposed change.

Adult 10
U16s / OAPs 5

Bus times from Prestonpans - 3pm KO
Aberdeen                                             9am               
Celtic                                                   10.30                       
Falkirk                                                 10.30
Dumbarton                                         10.00
Dumfries                                              9am 
Dundee Utd                                       10.30
Dunfermline                                      10.30 
Inverness                                             8am
Hamilton Accies                               10.30 
Hibs                                                       N/A 
Kilmarnock                                        10am
Livingston                                          10.30 
Motherwell                                         10.30
Partick Th                                          10.30 
Rangers                                             10.30
Ross County                                       8am 
St Mirren                                             10.30
St Johnstone                                     10.30

COMMITTEE    2018-19
Chairman          Davie Wallace
Vice Chair         Iain Jenkison 
Secretary          John Menzies
Treasurer          Andy Dickson
Bus Conductors 
Cammy Reynolds
Adam Park
Lucky Numbers Executives 
Steuart McCondochie
Alex Howie
Brian Ramsey
Billy Stirling
Steuart McCondochie


Jamie MacDonald
Player of the Year 2012/13

Player of the Year Roll of Honour
1978/79           Malcolm Robertson
1979/80                   John Brough
1980/81                   John Brough
1981/82                    Walter Kidd
1982/83               Derek O’Conner
1983/84                John Robertson
1984/85                    Craig Levein
1985/86                    Sandy Clark
1986/87                        Neil Berry
1987/88              John Colquhoun
1988/89              Davie McPherson
1989/90                    Craig Levein
1990/91                   Gary Mackay
1991/92                  Alan McLaren
1992/93              Peter Van de Ven
1993/94                Tosh McKinlay
1995/96                  Gilles Rousset
1996/97                       Davie Weir
1997/98                     Paul Ritchie
1998/99                     Paul Ritchie
1999/00                 Steven Pressley
2000/01                      Antti Niemi
2001/02                      Antti Neimi
2002/03                 Steven Pressley
2003/04                    Paul Hartley
2004/05                  Craig Gordon
2005/06                  Craig Gordon
2006/07              Christophe Berra
2007/08              Christophe Berra
2008/09                     Lee Wallace
2009/10                     Lee Wallace
2010/11                    Marian Kello
2011/12  Ian Black/Andy Webster
2012/13             Jamie MacDonald
2013/14             Jamie MacDonald
2014/15                       Alim Ozturk
2015/16                   Arnaud Djoum
2016/17                         Don Cowie
2017/18              Christophe Berra